I am passionate about experiential learning. I design training experiences that bring you back to what training was always about: learning by doing.



It's a lot easier to learn when you have just witnessed the evidence. The experience anchors key concepts deeper

than any theory

session could.

All North90 learning is experiential. You learn by doing


Try things out, and realise where your growth areas are.

North90 experiences are unique and inspriring. The scenarios let participants react spontaneously to situations, they

discover their

own response.


High level of individual flexibility in a group setting.

I tried the experience and appreciated it enormously. The following year I sent one of my managers. I could notice changes in his behaviour



Immersive storytelling for a memorable experience

The scenarios were very close to our daily business. They used our language and our code. Thibaut listened to us

and understood

us well.

For your business in France: North90 is a registered training organisation, and is Datadock approved.

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Learning is the process

whereby knowledge is

created through the

transformation of



David A. Kolb

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