Are you (really) betting on humans?

Betting on humans is one of the most rewarding chances organizations can take for their success. Embracing the incredible resourcefulness of human nature is a challenging endevaour, North90 helps organisations on this journey.

Co-creating a meaningful experience

Co-creating a meaningful experience

The North90 approach is co-creative in essence. Together we explore the questions you have and steps you would like to make, and design an experience to enable the team to accomplish its own transformation.

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For teams

The delicate alchemy of a team is at the heart of our expertise. We look at the same time at each individual figure, and the team figure as a whole and help you find meaningful collective adjustments to challenges and circumstances to accomplish your purpose. We propose:

  • Team coaching

  • Transformation support

  • Self-directedness support

  • Co-development / Intervision

For organisations

Designing for humans is our ambition when working with organizations on culture or processes. North90 helps your start-up, scale-up or mature organisation to embrace purpose, wholeness and self-directedness at the pace that fits you. We propose:

  • Culture shaping

  • Coaching evolutionary practice

  • Tailormade training and workshops

  • 'Listening in' event moderation

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