Learning to lead?

Leaders emerge when circumstances demand it, when a group  of people faces a challenge, when status quo no longer works. We believe that leadership exists in everyone, and that people and organizations can learn it.

... What if you could try it out?

You can learn about leadership in a classroom but that won't help. It's not a science, it's an art. Leaders, like artists, are not taught, they are initiated. North90 coaching experiences are designed to deliver this initiation in the most effective fashion: doing it for real.

See for yourself what it's about...

North90 lets you discover with your own eyes, ask your own questions, and helps you find meaning in the experience. Leadership is a different reality for everyone. Your viewpoint is our starting point.

... discover the principles afterwards

We believe leaders don't just repeat what was done before: they invent their own solutions. So we let theory emerge from practice, seeking underlying principles together. We believe that building a shared understanding is more important than being right, and each participant is both master and disciple.

... and start your journey.

Finally we believe that Leadership, for a person or an evolutionary organisation is an intimate journey of growth and self-discovery. Leading means confronting reality, learning what our resources are and using them. North90 is committed to helping leaders at the start of their journey and all along the way.

Don't take our word for it.

The practical

experience helped

ground the principles

much further than

any abstract

theory could.

The scenario lets you react naturally and instinctively to the environment. It was a real situation...

It's easier to learn when you have just witnessed the evidence.

North90 experiences

Each North90 experience is a step forward in your journey as a leader, an opportunity to grow. The Foundations pack is ideal for people managing others for less than 5 years. The performance and Trails packs allow you to deepen your approach.

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