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Transformative coaching for

freedom and awareness seekers.

Judging ourselves and others is

our most destructive habit.

When was the last time you thought: "I accept myself just as I am." ?

We judge others (or ourselves) when we believe we know how they should conduct their life or their work better than they do. Judgment traps us in a box. It renders us less able to accept others, to work with them fruitfully, and prevents them from fully trusting us. Judging ourselves prevents us from embracing our true powerful self.

Are you often judging yourself? Or others? Do you think that being judgmental is the right thing to do, but find yourself wishing there was another way?

Well, there is. It is called Epoche. In Greek, it means "The suspension of judgment". And that is the foundation of my work.

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Thibaut Legendre

Founder - North90

Delighted to meet you!

Freed from judgment, we can together examine what causes you pain in your professional life.

Have you noticed some patterns repeating in your life? Do you wish you were free from them, but find it difficult to make that happen? Are you sometimes struggling with giving things the priority that they deserve, no matter how hard you try?

Do you sometimes wish you'd said "No" to someone, but somehow you couldn't? Would more relational fluidity help you in your job?

Curious, interested? You are welcome to reach out. The first step  is the hardest, from then on, we journey together.

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