Human nature fascinates me. I never tire of observing people. Leadership, in particular, has been a favourite subject of study of mine for 25 years.


From the operations room of a submarine to the boardroom of a software company, I have grown and learned from a wide variety of situations.

At North90 I help leaders to accomplish meaningful steps on their journey, through practice, group and individual work.

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About Gestalt

For more than 20 years, I have used Gestalt for my own development, now studying it professionally at EPG. Gestalt is a humanist

philosophy and practice. It is based on observing how we exist in contact with others and the world. It proposes an optimistic and empowering outlook on life and allows us to reinvent ourselves creatively and change.

I believe that leadership is an art, an art naturally present in all humans, that we all can grow to embrace. Because great leadership transforms the world for the better, I work to do just that...

About coaching

... one leader

at a time.

Naval academy (France)

Telecoms officer - OOD

Recruitment director

Commanding officer

Senior consultant

Head of pre-sales

Head of Product

Head of sales operations

VP mergers and acquisitions

General manager







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