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Available to support you when it's tough, one hour at a time.

In hard times, we most often know what to do. But we are often caught off-guard by stress and the sometimes overwhelming emotions we experience. Lifeline brings you a sparring partner, to listen to you, and (re)discover your resilience.


Lifeline is 100% free.

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Here for you...

Why lifeline?

Hard times affect us physically, emotionally, financially. The uncertainty, the fast developping changes, the risks and potential

impact on us, our colleagues our business and our loved ones... In hard times, when you have less money, time or availability, the help you would like to get often is or feels less accessible.

Time to grab a Lifeline.

There are no prerequisite, no expectations, no preparation needed. Just come with who you are, your worries, your ideas, your stress, hidden or overwhelming, and we'll work with what's there...

How does it work?

... one feeling or thought

at a time.

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